Thursday, August 23, 2007

fyi - urbandictionary definition for [||]

fyi - urbandictionary has accepted my definition of [||]. Pls click this link & vote for the definition, by clicking the "thumbs up".

Shout out to my boys, [||], Belize & Fux, who have been using [||] heavily on nahright & their own blogs. This will surely help to blow up [||] on the internets.


Fuxie said...

[ll] <------- thats the movement I am just a cog in the engine..[ll] ..Check your email I sent you something so fucking hot its going to burn your Speakers out

elgringocolombiano said...

^word Fux I appreciate the work you're putting in to evangelize [||], no religious zealot just in case

A small point you gotta use
the "pipe symbol" |
the lowercase l

Otherwise pls "proceed & continue" (c) The Roots

BELIZE said...

[||] that shyt!