Thursday, August 23, 2007

D'Angelo 1995 Brown Sugar = the neo-soul Illmatic

D'Angelo - Brown Sugar

I randomly got out my D'Angelo album 1995 Brown Sugar tonight.

Geez, I had forgotten how classic this album is. I'm not an neo-soul stan/guru by any means, but this album can't be denied. I'm throwing out my inferior John Legend album after re-listening to this D'Angelo masterpiece.

Is Brown Sugar the Illmatic of neo-soul? Discuss! My evidence:
1 both have 10 songs, with no filler, all good joints

2 both have timeless qualities. In 2007, they're both as good as they were back in 1995

3 both are arguably the GOAD (greatest of the 1990s decade) albums of their genres

4 both match great music/beats with great vocals

Check out track #5 Shit Damn MF. It's unique in that D'Angelo is so calm, smooth [||], & soulful despite being in livid-type enraging situation. "MF, woooo-hoooo".

It's a shame D'Angelo has had personal problems, including substance abuse. Hopefully D'Angelo will return to making albums. D'Angelo epically sons these current R&B dudes, including John Legend & the pedophile R Kelly.

Shout out to Fux, who originated the neo-soul stannery post genre, with his admiration [||] of Bilal.


Dallas said...

Sorry Gringo, the song count should be cut down since D has a couple of remakes on his joint.

Brown Sugar was dope though, but don't you think Toni Tony Tone were the forefathers of the natural afro no shoes wearing flower power negros a/k/a neo-soul.

WTF is neo-soul? Sounds like some matrix shit. Fuck a genre!

elgringocolombiano said...


Are there any covers outside of "Cruisin" (Smoky Robinson?)? My knowledge of Mowtown soul is non-existant, so I may be ignorant of the Mowtown influence on D'Angelo.

Toni^3 was great & innovative, but they never made a filler-free album like D'Angelo. Plus, they were a group, not a solo artist.

I hear what you say fock a genre, but OTOH genre labels can be helpful in discussion. Neo-soul is in fact distinct from some other R&B subgenres like "new jack swing" of Bobby Brown & what-not.

Fuxie said...

I guess Bilal is my dude [||] now, but my dude D'Angelo started it all with this album, I was in 9th grade I think wooooo(c) was I on something different when everybody else just listened to rap or R.Kelly. Dallas is right homie Raphael Saadiq is probably the truest of them all. He wrote/produced half the shit for all these so called "neo soul" type artists, check the liner notes. Cien!

BELIZE said...

This CD goes hard [||]