Friday, July 13, 2007

Stop giving bogus names for complicated American policy issues

My brother sent me some article saying that The Minuteman "hate on immigrants"? Maybe they do, if so, that's racist. OTOH maybe it's just a reasonable stance on a complicated issue. Even if The Minuteman is a racist group, which is quite possible, not all people on this issue are "anti-immigrant".

I hate the American tendency to call a complicated issue in bogus terms. Anti-immigrant if one opposes full amnesty? Then in fairness those that fully support illegal immigrants rights are "anti-unemployed black & white American citizens in New Orleans who don't get NO reconstruction contracts because the contractors strictly use Central American illegal immigrants"

It's the same thing with "pro-life". Am I "anti-life" because I feel woman should have an option to a legal safe abortion, at least in the first trimester? And the anti-abortion, pro-death penalty supporters are "pro-life"?

I hate this tendency! Call issues something neutral such as "extending citizen rights to undocumented immigrant rights" and "abortion rights".

Then, for instance, one is
"pro extending citizen rights to undocumented immigrants"
"anti extending citizen rights to undocumented immigrants"

"pro abortion rights"
"anti abortion rights"

If one can't support their pro or anti stance on an issue without framing it with a simplistic ad-hominem childish name, I don't want to hear their opinion anyways, it will probably lack any reason.

Exposing the Hypocrisy of PhDee Dee Dee free-trade stan economists

Exposing the Hypocrisy of PhDee Dee Dee free-trade stan economists

If I were President, I would keep habeus corpus that Gee Dubbz suspended, just for 1 day, to enact an edict that all PhDee Dee Dee economists have to work 1 year as an AC repair technician for PHB rich sales exec douches' private homes.

How ya like them free trade apples, ya hypocrital PhDouche!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gone With The World

Peep this blog Gone With The World. It's written by a American guy with a BS in science degree, with a decade-long career in software engineering for business application software.


Sorry for the uppercase "hype beasting", but it's warranted. This blogger writes about the American "knowledge worker" labor market, offshoring, the economy, education, the business world, etc.

If Paul Craig Roberts is like the veteran Andre Agassi-like commentator on these issues,

this blogger is a Novak Djokovic-like talented upstart.

This is the Golden Corral of Food For Thought. Eff getting a plate, get a few, & go back for 3rds!

Mainstream use of the slang term pause

Most mainstream of use of "pause" ever. Props to my man Fux, pause, on the laink. FYI it's at the front of the clip, just play it & you'll see it immediately. LOL at the sports journalist guy being totally serious when saying it without laughing, & for Spike Lee being oblivious to the meaning of the other guy pausing him.

History of the rap beef bt Chino XL & 2Pac

Dan Charnas, the A&R for Chino XL on his debut 1996 Here To Save You All, recalls the beef between Chino & Pac.

Chino remains one of the illest lyrically of all time. It's a shame Chino didn't make more albums, or get more promotion. The supposed "consensus" GOAT candidates like Pac, BIG, or Jay-Z, would not want it lyrically with Chino. No offense to those veteran MCs, but they would've been Schiavod by Chino.

Your boy Chino is possibly the GOAT of hillarious ad-hominem attacks & etherings. In this field, he sons rappers, political commentators, or anyone else.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spam comedy sketch

Spam comedy sketch, laink from ohword. LOL at "you really know my friend This Profile No Longer Exists".

Federer & Tiger Nike ad

This Federer & Tiger Nike ad is a classic. Of course now with Wimby Fed has 11 majors to Tiger's 12.

The Adventures of Roger & Tiger

A comedy blog about the new "best friends forever" & future GOATs Roger Federer & Tiger Woods.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Poll Vol 3 Result: US Gen Standard of Living = Declining

The results are in for my poll on the US Gen standard of living.

9 votes (75%) The group born bt 1940-1969 better standard than their kids (born bt 1970-1999) by at least 10%
3 votes (25%) The group born bt 1970-1999 better standard than their parents (born bt 1940-1969) by at least 10%

A big majority agrees with Paul Craig Roberts & the Blue Scholars, that this will be the 1st generation in American history with a declining standard of living compared to their parents.

I wish the 3 optimistic voters would've have dropped comments with their thoughts. I'd be interested in hearing the "other side" of this debate.

Ironically, even though this poll was the most universally relevant one I did so far, but got the least votes. The prior polls were top women's tennis beauty (Ivanovic) & Best Kweli album (2002 Quality).

Thx to those that did vote, & keep voting on each new poll.

World's richest person = an Arab Mexican, Carlos Slim Helu

I find this story super-ironic. Carlos Slim Helu, a self-made Mexican billionaire of Arab (Lebanese) ancestry, has just sonned Bill Gates as the world's richest dude.

This story is bound to hurt the brains of right-wingnut douches at Faux News & all over America. The cognitive dissonance is overwhelming:

1 Wingnuts defend capitalism, & defend billionaires as "the most talented in society", & the "stars of capitalism", even though many billionaires, including Slim, Gates, & the Russian billionaires made their money mainly on oligopoly & monopoly markets, not true competitive free-market capitalism where they triumphed over dozens of competitor companies.


2 Slim is an arab & a Mexican, 2 of the only groups in America where it's not politically incorrect to say wildly racist statements on in the MSM, & no one calls you on it. If many statements in the US MSM made by douche commentators against arabs or Mexicans, were made against blacks, whites, or Jews, those scum would be immediately Imused out of their jobs.

Again, this ish is hilarious to me. The only thing better would be if Slim buys some US companies, keeps the actual American workforce in place, but eliminates the "C-Level" American management team & brings in his team of "superior" American university-educated Mexican jefes. Awesome!

Wu-Tang Office

Yo where my killah tape at?