Friday, July 13, 2007

Stop giving bogus names for complicated American policy issues

My brother sent me some article saying that The Minuteman "hate on immigrants"? Maybe they do, if so, that's racist. OTOH maybe it's just a reasonable stance on a complicated issue. Even if The Minuteman is a racist group, which is quite possible, not all people on this issue are "anti-immigrant".

I hate the American tendency to call a complicated issue in bogus terms. Anti-immigrant if one opposes full amnesty? Then in fairness those that fully support illegal immigrants rights are "anti-unemployed black & white American citizens in New Orleans who don't get NO reconstruction contracts because the contractors strictly use Central American illegal immigrants"

It's the same thing with "pro-life". Am I "anti-life" because I feel woman should have an option to a legal safe abortion, at least in the first trimester? And the anti-abortion, pro-death penalty supporters are "pro-life"?

I hate this tendency! Call issues something neutral such as "extending citizen rights to undocumented immigrant rights" and "abortion rights".

Then, for instance, one is
"pro extending citizen rights to undocumented immigrants"
"anti extending citizen rights to undocumented immigrants"

"pro abortion rights"
"anti abortion rights"

If one can't support their pro or anti stance on an issue without framing it with a simplistic ad-hominem childish name, I don't want to hear their opinion anyways, it will probably lack any reason.

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