Monday, July 9, 2007

World's richest person = an Arab Mexican, Carlos Slim Helu

I find this story super-ironic. Carlos Slim Helu, a self-made Mexican billionaire of Arab (Lebanese) ancestry, has just sonned Bill Gates as the world's richest dude.

This story is bound to hurt the brains of right-wingnut douches at Faux News & all over America. The cognitive dissonance is overwhelming:

1 Wingnuts defend capitalism, & defend billionaires as "the most talented in society", & the "stars of capitalism", even though many billionaires, including Slim, Gates, & the Russian billionaires made their money mainly on oligopoly & monopoly markets, not true competitive free-market capitalism where they triumphed over dozens of competitor companies.


2 Slim is an arab & a Mexican, 2 of the only groups in America where it's not politically incorrect to say wildly racist statements on in the MSM, & no one calls you on it. If many statements in the US MSM made by douche commentators against arabs or Mexicans, were made against blacks, whites, or Jews, those scum would be immediately Imused out of their jobs.

Again, this ish is hilarious to me. The only thing better would be if Slim buys some US companies, keeps the actual American workforce in place, but eliminates the "C-Level" American management team & brings in his team of "superior" American university-educated Mexican jefes. Awesome!


I Fux said...

Yo that ish is crazy, damn he is an inspiration..I am going to read up on him good lookin'

Anonymous said...

Why hilarious? I'm not from Latin America I'm Palestine but I live in California right next to Mexico. Mexico is much better country economically off than most Latin American countries especially those in south and central America with the exception of I believe Chile. Their country is corrupt and divided, the rich gets richer and the poor, poorer.