Thursday, July 12, 2007

History of the rap beef bt Chino XL & 2Pac

Dan Charnas, the A&R for Chino XL on his debut 1996 Here To Save You All, recalls the beef between Chino & Pac.

Chino remains one of the illest lyrically of all time. It's a shame Chino didn't make more albums, or get more promotion. The supposed "consensus" GOAT candidates like Pac, BIG, or Jay-Z, would not want it lyrically with Chino. No offense to those veteran MCs, but they would've been Schiavod by Chino.

Your boy Chino is possibly the GOAT of hillarious ad-hominem attacks & etherings. In this field, he sons rappers, political commentators, or anyone else.


BELIZE said...

Chino is overated...his stage presence makes his lyrics looks bad...seriously...worst performer EVAR


elgringocolombiano said...

^belize, I've never seen Chino in concert, so I can't comment on that.

In terms of strictly being a sick lyrical MC though, Chino is a GOAT candidate. Especially in battle rap, Chino would defeat Pac, BIG & Jay, among most others.


BELIZE said...

Yeah...I feel U..but MC to me means more than lyrics..