Monday, July 9, 2007

Poll Vol 3 Result: US Gen Standard of Living = Declining

The results are in for my poll on the US Gen standard of living.

9 votes (75%) The group born bt 1940-1969 better standard than their kids (born bt 1970-1999) by at least 10%
3 votes (25%) The group born bt 1970-1999 better standard than their parents (born bt 1940-1969) by at least 10%

A big majority agrees with Paul Craig Roberts & the Blue Scholars, that this will be the 1st generation in American history with a declining standard of living compared to their parents.

I wish the 3 optimistic voters would've have dropped comments with their thoughts. I'd be interested in hearing the "other side" of this debate.

Ironically, even though this poll was the most universally relevant one I did so far, but got the least votes. The prior polls were top women's tennis beauty (Ivanovic) & Best Kweli album (2002 Quality).

Thx to those that did vote, & keep voting on each new poll.

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