Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jon Stewart ethers Chris Matthews

Jon Stewart ethers TV "news" "personality" Chris Matthews.

When I saw the interview, I was co-signing Stewart. The fact that so much is a "sale" or "campaign" in American life is tragic, not something to be celebrated like Matthews is saying.

When confronted with this, bitchmade Matthews just cries that Stewart is attacking him & that "this is the worst interview" ever. LOL, Matthews can't defend his bogus "life is a campaign" meme.

RYM Top100 Spanish-language album list

RYM's Jicamarca compiled a GOAT100 Spanish-language list, by collecting GOAT25 list from 30+ RYM users, via this msg board post. I had given my own GOAT25 list here.

Interestingly, I think my picks had very little crossover with the other voters. Also interestingly, nobody was bashing each other on the msg board for "shitting on" or "sleeping on" a particular album. Diversity of opinion was respected imagine that! There was people from various countries, including USA, Mexico, Carribean, South America, & Spain.


I stumbled upon this site Gnod. Supposedly, you can put in an music Artist you like, & it will list similar Artists you may like, based on the suggestions of other users, & using AI techniques.

Gnod has a similar feature for books or movies.

It also has a feature called Flork, which seems like a form of social networking.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fundy Christianist ReThugs might form 3rd Party

Salon reports that several Fundy Christianists ReThugs such as James Dobson are considering forming a 3rd party should pro-abortion rights Dictator Giuliani wins the ReThug nomination.

This is the best news I've heard in a while!

It looks probable that H Clinton will get the Democratic nomination, & Giuliani the ReThug nomination. In this scenario, I'm EXTREMELY WORRIED that these 2 factors could lead to Giuliani continuing the Dictatorship, Constitution-ignoring steelo of Gee Dubbz for another 4+ years:
1 many ReThugs' bizarre visceral hatred of Hillary
2 many Democratic & Indy voters' apathy of Hillary's "triangulation", non-leadership in the Senate, & ReThuglican Lite tendencies
3 many Americans' naive susceptibility to Giuliani's "9/11 Tourette's" campaign gimmick

So if Dobson & the Fundies back a 3rd party candidate, that could swing the election, word to Ralph Nader in 2000.

I wonder what the Fundy Christianist percentage of the ReThuglican voter base is. 20%?

What say yall Truth Hunter & Anonomo?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

US Census definition of US regions

The US Census has defines the states into 4 regions: NorthEast, South, MidWest, & West. Check out the map here.

This is a nice reference. Every so often, someone will make a dumb statement such as "Ohio ain't Midwest". I no longer will have to argue/educate them, that's Wiki's job now.