Monday, October 1, 2007

Fundy Christianist ReThugs might form 3rd Party

Salon reports that several Fundy Christianists ReThugs such as James Dobson are considering forming a 3rd party should pro-abortion rights Dictator Giuliani wins the ReThug nomination.

This is the best news I've heard in a while!

It looks probable that H Clinton will get the Democratic nomination, & Giuliani the ReThug nomination. In this scenario, I'm EXTREMELY WORRIED that these 2 factors could lead to Giuliani continuing the Dictatorship, Constitution-ignoring steelo of Gee Dubbz for another 4+ years:
1 many ReThugs' bizarre visceral hatred of Hillary
2 many Democratic & Indy voters' apathy of Hillary's "triangulation", non-leadership in the Senate, & ReThuglican Lite tendencies
3 many Americans' naive susceptibility to Giuliani's "9/11 Tourette's" campaign gimmick

So if Dobson & the Fundies back a 3rd party candidate, that could swing the election, word to Ralph Nader in 2000.

I wonder what the Fundy Christianist percentage of the ReThuglican voter base is. 20%?

What say yall Truth Hunter & Anonomo?

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Truth Hunter said...

elgringocolombiano.... The percentage I hear the news outlets mention for Christian conservatives is up to 40%.... although the number of that votes can actually be delivered en masse is undoubtedly much lower.

The 40 Christian conservative activists who attended the meeting on Saturday.... ironically for Romney.... in Salt Lake City included "Focus on Family" James Dobson, Richard Viguerie a direct mail expert, and Tony Perkins who heads the Family Research Council.

Interestingly, the participants in this meeting were in Salt Lake for a different meeting, the hush-hush Council for National Policy. This group was co-founded by "Left Behind" author Tim LaHaye for conservative business, religious and political leaders.

Dobson has already nixed Giuliani, Thompson and McCain.... and Viguerie is more than lukewarm on Romney.

It seems like the third-party threat is more a warning shot across the bow. After all, they do have Huckabee and Brownback who would both fit the conservative "don't believe in evolution" medieval profile these GOP moguls are looking for.

In reality, who would head a third party ticket? Pat Robertson tried it in the past and bombed.... and he had his own TV following to boot.

Actually, many in the GOP might be very glad to loosen the evangelical grip on the party, and what better time for a realignment than a year where they will probably lose no matter what.