Wednesday, October 3, 2007

RYM Top100 Spanish-language album list

RYM's Jicamarca compiled a GOAT100 Spanish-language list, by collecting GOAT25 list from 30+ RYM users, via this msg board post. I had given my own GOAT25 list here.

Interestingly, I think my picks had very little crossover with the other voters. Also interestingly, nobody was bashing each other on the msg board for "shitting on" or "sleeping on" a particular album. Diversity of opinion was respected imagine that! There was people from various countries, including USA, Mexico, Carribean, South America, & Spain.


Fuxie said...

Gringo Props homie on that Blue Exile jumpoff, absolute lovely album. I finally good around to Copping it. WHOAAAAAAA! its mangos bananas kiwis straight pomegranites fuck it its a whole bowl of Fruit good

BELIZE said...


No Homo Tim Hardaway