Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fux, a real-life victim of police brutality

Drop a comment over at Fux's blog for the homie Fux, who was literally a victim of police brutality this wkd, on his birthday no less. A WTF-type situation of the highest order.

G.O.Z.: album review site

FYI, If you want a mix of great rap album reviews & comedy, check out my RYM homie G.O.Z.'s review page.

An excellent mix of rap history, comedy, etherings, & discussion of the actual album & its relation to other albums.

"Not the D.O.C., but similar to them letters no one can do it better" than the G.O.Z. & mixing insight with comedy in album reviews. Quite ill for a 17-yr old kid no less!

All you rap blog heads like Fux/Belize/Dallas/etc should def check this out.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Film Affinity

A fellow user on RYM says this site Film Affinity, is an RYM-site for movies.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ana Ivanovic daughters Shreiky!

I had said that I was hoping for Ana Ivanovic to pwn Shreiky, but hell I though if Ana could win, it would be in a close 3-setter. Nope, your girl Ana put down a thorough Schiavoing of Shreiky 62 61, ala the daughtering Serena administered to Shreiky at the Aussie Open final a few months ago. Here's the Peter Bodo match analysis.

Ana now will play Henin in the final on Saturday, 9a ET on NBC. My head says 2-time defending RG Champ Henin has too much experience on clay & in big matches. But hey Ana might could still get-er-done! Hopefully her compatriot homegirl "Alien" Jankovic, who Henin pwned in the other semi, will give Ana a good scouting report.

BTW, Ana is also killing my poll , with a MAJORITY of 50% of the votes in the 10-women field. This is another unexpected beat-down, since Serena & Shreiky have 100X the name recognition & media love as the formerly unknown Ana.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I gotta tell the truth, and say that I CALLED IT, Nostradamus style on this one. I blog about the unknown Ana, 2 days before she hits the big time, beating not only Shreiky but Kuznetsova, 2 higher ranked players. Well actually I didn't predict she would win, but hey I gave her props before shew blew up. I basically was the 1st one on the bandwagon, & at least in our corner of cyberspace. Or in this "internet" of the "internets". So yall mofos can jump on too, just acknowledge me as the OG of the Ivanovic Bandwagon Express.

As if the Ivanovic story wasn't compelling enough, peep this Bodo article explaining that as a kid, Ana was practicing tennis IN AN EMPTY POOL while NATO DROPPED BOMBS ON HER HOOD in Sarajevo as part of the Balkans war. Damn, that's quite inspiring, Ana is a stand-up individual, no doubt. Ditto on her fellow Serbians Jankovic & "Chia-head" "Young Djok" Djokovic for become tennis stars despite the same adverse circumstances.

No stannery & no R. Kelly disclaimer on this post.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Poll Vol1: Top Beauty in Women's Tennis

I learned that this PollCode has a way to implement a polls, shout out to them.

So here's my 1st poll: The top beauty in women's tennis

So pls Rock The Vote, & hit up the comments.

Did a miss a worthy candidate, in the list of 10? hit up the comments

Want to advocate for your homegirl in the list? hit up the comments

Voting will be open until at least Sun Jun-10, although I might extend the voting period.

Ana Ivanovic

The Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic is a slept-on beauty. IMHO she daughters the over-rated "Shreiky" Sharapova on sexiness. Don't be surprised if you see girl suddenly in the Top10 on the Maxim type lists. OTOH, don't be surprised if they eternally stay in their Schiavo-like coma, sleeping on the girl, since those waif-stan lames have a wack taste in beautiful women anyways.

BTW, Wikipedia says she's 19 years old, so no R. Kelly disclaimer on this post.

Fux, as always, if you want to incorporate this or any other beauty label blog post of mine into your blog's iCandy series (Fux iCandy >>>> Maxim), you already know what it is. Buen provecho buey!

Props to this fan site for the pics.

Oh BTW, at RG Ivanovic beat Kuznetsova to reach her 1st ever GS semifinal spot. She faces Shreiky, so hopefully she will pwn Shreiky in tennis in the SF match, just as she's already done in beauty. Props to for these photos of the QF match.

BTW tiny Serbia, with 10.1 M people, is having an awesome RG, with 2 women in the SF with Team Alien member Jankovic joining Ivanovic, & prolly also 1 man in the SFs as Djokovic is currently beating Andreev in their QF match. Serbia is sonning us, the mighty USA, with 300M people & having a much richer GDP per capita. With Serena losing, we have NO players in the men's or women's singles SF. The Bryan Bros even lost also in Men's Doubles in the QFs. Props to SRB, but shame on usA.

Lupe's Fiasco: his business partner = heroin sellin fellon

Lupe's Fiasco: his business partner = heroin sellin fellon,CST-NWS-hiphop04.article

Damn, what a Fiasco. If Lupe was aware of this activity, dude is a giant hypocrite douche, given his "conscious" lyrics.

Lupe already made a lot of haters of himself, with 2 self-ethering activities:
1 losing a eBeef with Bol
2 Goin on saying he's never heard Tribe's Midnight Maurauders, & has no interest in ever listening to it. Fockin a, have some respect for the audience you're addressing. That's like going Kingston & say you have no interest in listening to Bob Marley.

These haters are going to cause a Fiasco for dude with this story.

Hopefully dude is innocent & can keeping making albums. Despite his ridic lame non-album statements, the dude has talent.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Talib Kweli "Ear Drum"

<span class=

The BK MC Talib Kweli has eDropped Ear Drum. Click the RYM link for my review. First impression, it's very good, but alas not a classic like Quality or Train of Thought.

study: Wikipedia accurate

This article supports the great phrase, "hey if it's on wikipedia, it must be true". Seriously, the study says wikipedia is as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica. Basically all encyclopedias have errors, but wiki ain't worse than the others.

Yeah I'm a big wikipedia stan. The best site on the internets. Many things a few years ago, I would do a Google search. Nowadays, much of that stuff is on wikipedia. The Wiki founders should get a Nobel Prize or some isht for making such a useful free tool.

Roland Garros, Women's De Facto Final: Henin v Serena

All 4 Women Singles Quarterfinals are on the Tue schedule at RG. But one of these matches is de facto final. The other women can't eff with either of these girls on red clay: Serena Williams v #1 seed Justine "horrible sportswoman" Henin.

Go Serena & go USA. I'd love for Serena to get the calendar slam this year. When she's play to her A-game level & is not injured, these other women can't touch her. She has more power then all of them, & more speed than most. Often in tennis, the power hitters are slow movers, & the speed demons can't hit the ball that hard. Serena does both. Your girl Serena is hardbody, (c) Dallas Penn, figuratively & literally.

The other QFs:

4 "Alien" "Weird Al" Jankovic
6 Vaidisova

7 the slept-on beauty Ivanovic
3 Kuznetsova

9 Chakvetadze
2 "Shreiky" "overrated @ Maxim #15" Sharapova

Looking at the QFs it's amazing how RUS & the East Euros (EastSide!!) are daughtering the women's game right now, with the lone exceptions being Serena & Henin.

EGC Predictions (disclaimer, I don't follow women's tennis much, so these are wild-ass guestimates)
SFs: Serena, Jankovic, Kuznetsova, Sharapova
F: Serena, Kuz
Champ: Serena

BTW, check the picture of Henin. Worse than Plain Jane status IMHO. True story: one friend though is the most free-thinking independent opinion-havin dude I'd met. He told me with a serious face, that Henin was a dime, & thought she easily daughtered Anna Kournikova on looks. Totally wrong, but hey I can't say that guy ever just follows trends.

Attack of the Clones, Vol 1 Phil Collins

OG Phil

Phil v2.0

Phil v3.0

Thinking of Davydenko for the prior blog post, inspired me to make a new bit "Attack of the Clones" aka "Separated at Birth". The point is to select people that looks as if they could be clones of each other, or twins.

Back in college I used to point out clones when watching movies with my crew. My girlfriend thought it was ridic, & the people didn't look alike at all. OTOH others thought it was spot on & hilarious. So you can be the judge.

Anyways this is the Phil Collins set of clones:

Phil Collins, YOB 1951,the international singer, & genius behind the 1985 classic soft rock album "No Jacket Required", is the OG dude, actually born naturally via his mother.

In 1998, while watching the futbol World Cup, it became obvious that your boy Phil had been cloned, & this Philv2.0 now was the star goalie of the Brazilian squad, Claudio Taffarel (1966).

In the last few years, a 3rd-gen Phil is on the scene. OG Phil is not the hardest working man in show biz, that is James Brown, RIP. However. Phil v3.0 aka Nikolay Davydenko (1981) IS the hardest working man in tennis. In 2006, Phil3 played in 32 tournaments, 5 more than anyone else in the top 10 (Robredo 27), & 13 more than Federer & Nadal. Phil3 ended up at #3 right behing Fed & Rafa. Phil3 plays Billy Canas tommorrow in the RG QFs.

What do you think? I'm sure OG Phil will claim "You're No Son of Mine", but the DNA test will not lie, brotha!

Anyways, yall might could recommend me some clone candidates, in the comments.

Roland Garros, Men's Singles Quarterfinals

Roland Garros is already at the QF stage. The 1st 2 QFs will be played Tue Jun-5, the rest Wed.

Draw/QFs matchups
1 Federer
9 Robredo

4 Davydenko
19 Canas

6 Djokovic

23 Moya
2 Nadal

Don't get fooled by unseeded Andreev, son is coming back from injury. He's been ranked #24 before, & was the last dude to beat Rafa back in 2005 before Rafa went on his sick 81-match clay win streak, which was ended in Rome by Fed.

I'm rooting for my fellow old heads (in tennis the 70s YOBs are already old) Canas & Moya. But realistically, Fed v Rafa Vol 12 is gonna happen, the rest is a sideshow. Hopefully Canas will be able to make the semis though by beating Nikolay "Phil Collins" Davydenko.

The most interesting match is Moya - Rafa (pictured). Both dudes are from the island of Mallorca in Spain, & are Roland Garros winners. Moya (30 yo) is Rafa's (20) mentor coming up.

Can Obi Wan Moya beat his pupil Luke Sky-Rafa? Doubt it (c) Bill O Reilly, but it should be a good match.

EGC QF predictions
SF: Federer, Canas, Djokovic, Nadal
F: Fed, Nadal
Champ: Fed

Monday, June 4, 2007


Check this site, it's both comedy & an editorial on the state of women R&B singers.

Nelly Furtado, comedian

I stumbled upon this 16-min sketch called "Folklorica FM". It was an extra mp3 track on Nelly Furtado's 2003 album Folklore.

It seems like this is Nelly here doing all the voices. If it is, she's doing Darrell Hammond quality singing imitations Britney Spears, Shakira, Avril Lavigne, Erykah Badu, & Bjork. Comedy & impressive.

BTW, peep the photos, Furtado definitely qualifies for the "beauty" blog label also. Call me a Furtado stan, if you want with the statements made in the posts, I would retort she deserves my stannery.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Team Alien, Vol 3 Sam Cassell

Sam Cassell, veteran NBA player, & alien. The guy looks both like a "traditional alien" as well as Ferengi.

Cassell could be the captain of Team Alien. His wiki article actually mentions that he looks like an alien, & that a former assistant coach said "he may be from Mars". WTF!