Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ana Ivanovic daughters Shreiky!

I had said that I was hoping for Ana Ivanovic to pwn Shreiky, but hell I though if Ana could win, it would be in a close 3-setter. Nope, your girl Ana put down a thorough Schiavoing of Shreiky 62 61, ala the daughtering Serena administered to Shreiky at the Aussie Open final a few months ago. Here's the Peter Bodo match analysis.

Ana now will play Henin in the final on Saturday, 9a ET on NBC. My head says 2-time defending RG Champ Henin has too much experience on clay & in big matches. But hey Ana might could still get-er-done! Hopefully her compatriot homegirl "Alien" Jankovic, who Henin pwned in the other semi, will give Ana a good scouting report.

BTW, Ana is also killing my poll , with a MAJORITY of 50% of the votes in the 10-women field. This is another unexpected beat-down, since Serena & Shreiky have 100X the name recognition & media love as the formerly unknown Ana.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I gotta tell the truth, and say that I CALLED IT, Nostradamus style on this one. I blog about the unknown Ana, 2 days before she hits the big time, beating not only Shreiky but Kuznetsova, 2 higher ranked players. Well actually I didn't predict she would win, but hey I gave her props before shew blew up. I basically was the 1st one on the bandwagon, & at least in our corner of cyberspace. Or in this "internet" of the "internets". So yall mofos can jump on too, just acknowledge me as the OG of the Ivanovic Bandwagon Express.

As if the Ivanovic story wasn't compelling enough, peep this Bodo article explaining that as a kid, Ana was practicing tennis IN AN EMPTY POOL while NATO DROPPED BOMBS ON HER HOOD in Sarajevo as part of the Balkans war. Damn, that's quite inspiring, Ana is a stand-up individual, no doubt. Ditto on her fellow Serbians Jankovic & "Chia-head" "Young Djok" Djokovic for become tennis stars despite the same adverse circumstances.

No stannery & no R. Kelly disclaimer on this post.


BELIZE said...

Ana lost

Maybe all girls with the name "ana" are just great "cute" tennis stars.

elgringocolombiano said...

^getting 2nd place in a 128-person single elimination tournament is more that "cute", homes.

Lil' Henin is a beast on clay. I'm a Henin hater due to her bad sportsmanship, but I can't front on her skills on the red clay. Henin daughtered the RG field, incl Serena. 3rd consecutive RG & 4th overall for the Mighty Midget Henin.