Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lupe's Fiasco: his business partner = heroin sellin fellon

Lupe's Fiasco: his business partner = heroin sellin fellon,CST-NWS-hiphop04.article

Damn, what a Fiasco. If Lupe was aware of this activity, dude is a giant hypocrite douche, given his "conscious" lyrics.

Lupe already made a lot of haters of himself, with 2 self-ethering activities:
1 losing a eBeef with Bol
2 Goin on saying he's never heard Tribe's Midnight Maurauders, & has no interest in ever listening to it. Fockin a, have some respect for the audience you're addressing. That's like going Kingston & say you have no interest in listening to Bob Marley.

These haters are going to cause a Fiasco for dude with this story.

Hopefully dude is innocent & can keeping making albums. Despite his ridic lame non-album statements, the dude has talent.

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