Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ana Ivanovic

The Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic is a slept-on beauty. IMHO she daughters the over-rated "Shreiky" Sharapova on sexiness. Don't be surprised if you see girl suddenly in the Top10 on the Maxim type lists. OTOH, don't be surprised if they eternally stay in their Schiavo-like coma, sleeping on the girl, since those waif-stan lames have a wack taste in beautiful women anyways.

BTW, Wikipedia says she's 19 years old, so no R. Kelly disclaimer on this post.

Fux, as always, if you want to incorporate this or any other beauty label blog post of mine into your blog's iCandy series (Fux iCandy >>>> Maxim), you already know what it is. Buen provecho buey!

Props to this fan site for the pics.

Oh BTW, at RG Ivanovic beat Kuznetsova to reach her 1st ever GS semifinal spot. She faces Shreiky, so hopefully she will pwn Shreiky in tennis in the SF match, just as she's already done in beauty. Props to for these photos of the QF match.

BTW tiny Serbia, with 10.1 M people, is having an awesome RG, with 2 women in the SF with Team Alien member Jankovic joining Ivanovic, & prolly also 1 man in the SFs as Djokovic is currently beating Andreev in their QF match. Serbia is sonning us, the mighty USA, with 300M people & having a much richer GDP per capita. With Serena losing, we have NO players in the men's or women's singles SF. The Bryan Bros even lost also in Men's Doubles in the QFs. Props to SRB, but shame on usA.

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I Fux said...

yo Gringo she is on my short list for next weeks iCandy, great nomination homie