Sunday, June 3, 2007

Team Alien, Vol 3 Sam Cassell

Sam Cassell, veteran NBA player, & alien. The guy looks both like a "traditional alien" as well as Ferengi.

Cassell could be the captain of Team Alien. His wiki article actually mentions that he looks like an alien, & that a former assistant coach said "he may be from Mars". WTF!


BELIZE said...

Here's a couple Xfile rejects:

1. Popeye Jones (prob. retired)
2. Tashaun Prince (Pistons)
3. Tyronne Lue (Whatever team hes at, that fuker looks like a mini alien)

I Fux said...

Yo I was just going to suggest Sam Cassell .......what about the Youtube Street fighter dude or Floyd Mayweather Jrs dad who Fresh Stays calling him Predator

BELIZE said...

lol @ predator mayweather