Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Roland Garros, Men's Singles Quarterfinals

Roland Garros is already at the QF stage. The 1st 2 QFs will be played Tue Jun-5, the rest Wed.

Draw/QFs matchups
1 Federer
9 Robredo

4 Davydenko
19 Canas

6 Djokovic

23 Moya
2 Nadal

Don't get fooled by unseeded Andreev, son is coming back from injury. He's been ranked #24 before, & was the last dude to beat Rafa back in 2005 before Rafa went on his sick 81-match clay win streak, which was ended in Rome by Fed.

I'm rooting for my fellow old heads (in tennis the 70s YOBs are already old) Canas & Moya. But realistically, Fed v Rafa Vol 12 is gonna happen, the rest is a sideshow. Hopefully Canas will be able to make the semis though by beating Nikolay "Phil Collins" Davydenko.

The most interesting match is Moya - Rafa (pictured). Both dudes are from the island of Mallorca in Spain, & are Roland Garros winners. Moya (30 yo) is Rafa's (20) mentor coming up.

Can Obi Wan Moya beat his pupil Luke Sky-Rafa? Doubt it (c) Bill O Reilly, but it should be a good match.

EGC QF predictions
SF: Federer, Canas, Djokovic, Nadal
F: Fed, Nadal
Champ: Fed

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