Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Attack of the Clones, Vol 1 Phil Collins

OG Phil

Phil v2.0

Phil v3.0

Thinking of Davydenko for the prior blog post, inspired me to make a new bit "Attack of the Clones" aka "Separated at Birth". The point is to select people that looks as if they could be clones of each other, or twins.

Back in college I used to point out clones when watching movies with my crew. My girlfriend thought it was ridic, & the people didn't look alike at all. OTOH others thought it was spot on & hilarious. So you can be the judge.

Anyways this is the Phil Collins set of clones:

Phil Collins, YOB 1951,the international singer, & genius behind the 1985 classic soft rock album "No Jacket Required", is the OG dude, actually born naturally via his mother.

In 1998, while watching the futbol World Cup, it became obvious that your boy Phil had been cloned, & this Philv2.0 now was the star goalie of the Brazilian squad, Claudio Taffarel (1966).

In the last few years, a 3rd-gen Phil is on the scene. OG Phil is not the hardest working man in show biz, that is James Brown, RIP. However. Phil v3.0 aka Nikolay Davydenko (1981) IS the hardest working man in tennis. In 2006, Phil3 played in 32 tournaments, 5 more than anyone else in the top 10 (Robredo 27), & 13 more than Federer & Nadal. Phil3 ended up at #3 right behing Fed & Rafa. Phil3 plays Billy Canas tommorrow in the RG QFs.

What do you think? I'm sure OG Phil will claim "You're No Son of Mine", but the DNA test will not lie, brotha!

Anyways, yall might could recommend me some clone candidates, in the comments.

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