Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Roland Garros, Women's De Facto Final: Henin v Serena

All 4 Women Singles Quarterfinals are on the Tue schedule at RG. But one of these matches is de facto final. The other women can't eff with either of these girls on red clay: Serena Williams v #1 seed Justine "horrible sportswoman" Henin.

Go Serena & go USA. I'd love for Serena to get the calendar slam this year. When she's play to her A-game level & is not injured, these other women can't touch her. She has more power then all of them, & more speed than most. Often in tennis, the power hitters are slow movers, & the speed demons can't hit the ball that hard. Serena does both. Your girl Serena is hardbody, (c) Dallas Penn, figuratively & literally.

The other QFs:

4 "Alien" "Weird Al" Jankovic
6 Vaidisova

7 the slept-on beauty Ivanovic
3 Kuznetsova

9 Chakvetadze
2 "Shreiky" "overrated @ Maxim #15" Sharapova

Looking at the QFs it's amazing how RUS & the East Euros (EastSide!!) are daughtering the women's game right now, with the lone exceptions being Serena & Henin.

EGC Predictions (disclaimer, I don't follow women's tennis much, so these are wild-ass guestimates)
SFs: Serena, Jankovic, Kuznetsova, Sharapova
F: Serena, Kuz
Champ: Serena

BTW, check the picture of Henin. Worse than Plain Jane status IMHO. True story: one friend though is the most free-thinking independent opinion-havin dude I'd met. He told me with a serious face, that Henin was a dime, & thought she easily daughtered Anna Kournikova on looks. Totally wrong, but hey I can't say that guy ever just follows trends.


Dallas said...

El Gringo,
You ain't never lie when you said Serena Williams is hardbody.

True story is that I had tickets three years ago to her 1st round at Flushing Meadow U.S. Open. She debuted the all black 'catsuit' that year.

Early in the first game on a break when the arena was quiet I yelled out, "I love you Court Chocolate!". Suffice to say that I was drunk but every one had a good time and Serena pwned that bitch.

True effin' story.

elgringocolombiano said...

Sup Dallas,

Damn Serena in the cat suit, I remember that, but from TV, not in person like you.

Serena "Catwoman" T&A factor was slammin. How the Maxim/waif crowd front on girls like that in favor of Plane Jane lameness like Fergie or Ashlee Simpson, puts the waif fans on the borerline of teh fa-go-ness status IMHO.

Not surprised that Serena pwned her 1st Rd opponent. The truth that Billy Jean King & her "equal pay" in tennis advocates, don't want folks to know, is that the depth on the WTA Tour sucks. The top 5-10 players like Serena or Henin put an epic Schiavoing down on the field at each GS tourney. I'm talking mad bagels, eg 60 sets.

OTOH in the men's field last year a random #500 ranked Japanese cat almost beat Federer aka Greatest Sportsman of The Decade in a close match. The depth is fockin insane.

So equal pay in practice means the top women players will actually ether the top men in pay prolly like 1.5-2.5X, because Fed is only one on the men's side that can make the QF every GS like it ain't no big deal.

OTOH, peep the RG women's draw, 7 of the Top8 seeds made the QFs, & the other woman was the #9. No Depth Perception (c) dat SNL skit.

The Humanity Critic said...

I hope Serena does it as well.

BELIZE said...

serena lost

Dallas said...

I was surprised how easily Henin handled Serena. I rarely see Serena get frustrated like that. Henin pwned her ass at the net.

elgringocolombiano said...

^ sup D, I haven't seen the match yet, I rolled "tape" (dvr-ms) though so I'll catch it sometime

You gonna use the cRap Spreadsheet? never heard back from you on that.

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