Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

That dude mAnn Coulter gets gang-sonned again

That bigoted racist dude mAnn coulter gets gang-ethered worse than a small weak prisoner at a PMITA (pause) hard-core federal prison. Commentators are "running the train" (pause) in their ethering of mAnn.

SuperNews puts down an epic Schiavoing on mAnn. This ish is hilarious, you really gotta watch this one

Kirsten Powers intellectually bitch-slaps mAnn, who cries & walks off the set. Powers basically oratorically knocks out the bitchmade dude mAnn Coulter. mAnn once again shows she cannot actually debate a smart person, because mAnn has no logic, only ad-hominem attacks.

David Letterman pwns mAnn

Keith Olbermann ethers mAnn

& Olbermann interviews plagiarism expert John Barrie, whose software proves that mAnn's writing is filled with "advanced plagiarism.


SuperNews has short (5 minutes) cartoon satire shows on politics & pop culture. Check one of their shows out, it's quite funny.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

DJ Premier = a stan of Evidence & Dilated Peoples

It seems that many rap bloggers hate on Dilated Peoples for some inexplicable unknown reason.

Dilated has been one of the most consistent groups of the 2000s decade:
1 4 good+ albums
2 Some ILL BEATS from Evidence, DJ Babu, The Alchemist & others. "No Retreat" & "You Can't Run, You Can't Hide" are among the best beats of the decade.
3 Perhaps the only 2000s act to consistently have ill DJ-scratched choruses (by DJ Babu)
4 Rakaa is an ill MC, Evidence is a decent MC

Peep DJ Premier's radio show

I happened to listen to this, & it turns out DJ Premier is a HUGE Evidence & Dilated STAN!

WTF, your boy Primo literally said about 5 times, like every 20 minutes of the show, how Evidence's beats were sick on Ev's "Red Tape". I hadn't even heard of Ev's "Red Tape", LOL.

I'd love to see yall Dilated haters react to this! I recall 1 moron said "Dilated is not real hip hop".

I guess Primo must not be "real hip hop" either, if he's a big stan of Dilated? Fock outta here!

The Rule of Law in America Shat On: Bush commutes Libby's sentence


The intellectual ether is flowing like a firehose. I'm glad to see I'm not crazy & not the only one outraged. Thank God for the internets, since only a few MSMers like Keith Olbermann have a basic understanding of the US Constitution & the Rule of Law.

Truth Hunter's insightful editorial

Olbermann frames the Libby commutation within the sordid history of Bush 43's sordid presidency

Bush commutes Libby's sentence

A recap

1 Libby leaked the name of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame, who was working on counter-WMD. It's possible that the US lost intelligence that could prevent US deaths, we may never learn what happened. Libby's act here was treasonous.

2 Libby was not tried for #1, but was convicted of perjury, of lying under oath.

3 Libby was sentenced for 30 months of prison

4 NEWS - Bush commutes Libby's sentence. The Rule of Law in America takes a severe blow.

5 Our Democratic party leaders, including Pres "leading candidates" H Clinton, Obama, & Edwards, Sen Leader Reid & House Leader Pelosi are acting real BITCHMADE (No Imus) & not challenging this seriously, saying "impeachment is off the table" & not fighting for the rule of law.

At least Kucinich has proposed to impeach Cheney.

I want to see how the Dem Pres candidates respond to this.

My political heads, Truth Hunter, Lucho, etc, pls chime in. Holla at me. This ish is getting real disgusting.

Rule of Law shat on? In the words of Randy Marsh "I'm sorry, I thought this was America"