Wednesday, July 4, 2007

That dude mAnn Coulter gets gang-sonned again

That bigoted racist dude mAnn coulter gets gang-ethered worse than a small weak prisoner at a PMITA (pause) hard-core federal prison. Commentators are "running the train" (pause) in their ethering of mAnn.

SuperNews puts down an epic Schiavoing on mAnn. This ish is hilarious, you really gotta watch this one

Kirsten Powers intellectually bitch-slaps mAnn, who cries & walks off the set. Powers basically oratorically knocks out the bitchmade dude mAnn Coulter. mAnn once again shows she cannot actually debate a smart person, because mAnn has no logic, only ad-hominem attacks.

David Letterman pwns mAnn

Keith Olbermann ethers mAnn

& Olbermann interviews plagiarism expert John Barrie, whose software proves that mAnn's writing is filled with "advanced plagiarism.

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