Tuesday, July 3, 2007

DJ Premier = a stan of Evidence & Dilated Peoples

It seems that many rap bloggers hate on Dilated Peoples for some inexplicable unknown reason.

Dilated has been one of the most consistent groups of the 2000s decade:
1 4 good+ albums
2 Some ILL BEATS from Evidence, DJ Babu, The Alchemist & others. "No Retreat" & "You Can't Run, You Can't Hide" are among the best beats of the decade.
3 Perhaps the only 2000s act to consistently have ill DJ-scratched choruses (by DJ Babu)
4 Rakaa is an ill MC, Evidence is a decent MC

Peep DJ Premier's radio show

I happened to listen to this, & it turns out DJ Premier is a HUGE Evidence & Dilated STAN!

WTF, your boy Primo literally said about 5 times, like every 20 minutes of the show, how Evidence's beats were sick on Ev's "Red Tape". I hadn't even heard of Ev's "Red Tape", LOL.

I'd love to see yall Dilated haters react to this! I recall 1 moron said "Dilated is not real hip hop".

I guess Primo must not be "real hip hop" either, if he's a big stan of Dilated? Fock outta here!

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