Saturday, September 8, 2007

GOAT25 Spanish-language Album list

UPDATE Sep-08: Jimarca said 3 of my albums were ineligible: Delinquent Habits, King Chango, & Santana.

So I've replaced them with Chichi Peralta, El General, & Ruben Blades
Ozomatli - Embrace the Chaos

Latinos stand up! Spanish-speaking gringos also stand up! It's list time! Get your music nerd on!

FYI, Jicamarca @ RYM has a GOAT25 project going for Spanish-language albums here. If you click the list, search for my name, where you can find my list, with RYM links to each album.

Per Jicamarca, eligible albums are:
Spanish-language albums, made anywhere
albums made in the Spanish-speaking countries, regardless of the language used on the album

Feel free to contribute your vote. If you're not on RYM & don't want to join RYM, I could submit your list on your behalf.

For my list, I imposed a few rules on myself in addition to Jicamarca's rules
1 maximum 1 album for each artist
2 only pick either Spanish-language albums, or albums with a mix of English & Spanish lyrics
3 pick my favorite albums, as opposed to other criteria such as historical impact/influence
4 restrict to studio albums, with the only exceptions being the compilation albums of Celia Cruz & Cypress Hill
5 for reference, I list the country of the artist. For non-Spanish speaking countries (USA & FRA), I also list the ethnicity of the artist. For instance, Orishas is a French group of ethnic Cubans. Here is Wiki's 3-character country code list.


1 (25 puntos) USA/MEX rock Ozomatli 2001 Embrace the Chaos
2 PRI rap Tego Calderon 2003 El Abayarde
*3 USA/CUB rap Cypress Hill 1999 Los Grandes Exitos En Español (Cypress nunca tenia un album studio en la idioma de espanol, este compilacion es la unica)
4 COL rock Aterciopelados 2006 Oye
5 COL rock Bloque 1998 Bloque

*6 CUB salsa Celia Cruz 1993 Lo Mejor De Celia Cruz (me parece que Celia no tenia albums studio, solo singles)
7 USA/PRI salsa DLG 1996 Dark Latin Groove
8 USA/DOM merengue Proyecto Uno 1996 New Era
9 VEN salsa Oscar D'Leon 1997 En Nueva York
10 PRI rap Calle 13 2007 Residente o visitante

11 FRA/CUB rap Orishas 2000 A lo cubano
12 MEX rock Mana 2002 Revolución de amor
13 PRI salsa India 1997 Sobre el fuego
14 COL vallenato Carlos Vives 1999 El amor de mi tierra
15 DOM merengue Juan Luis Guerra 1998 Ni es lo mismo ni es igual

16 USA/VEN salsa Yerba Buena 2003 President Alien
17 CUB son Buena Vista Social Club 1997 Buena Vista Social Club
18 MEX rap Control Machete 1999 Artilleria Pesada: Presenta
19 COL salsa Grupo Niche 1990 Cielo De Tambores
20 ARG rock Soda Stereo 1992 Dynamo

21 USA/PRI salsa Willie Colon 1976 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
22 PAN rap El General 1991 Muevelo con El General
23 DOM merengue Chichi Peralta 2000 De Vuelta Al Barrio
24 PAN salsa Ruben Blades 1984 Buscando América
25 (1 punto) USA/PRI salsa Marc Anthony 1995 Todo a su tiempo

Here's a breakdown by country


BELIZE said...

mana ans santana needs to be higher...also, if you wernt bumpin Enrique Iglesias' debut cd - u lost.

Were's Julio at?

Were's El General?

smh..and im not that nig on spanish musica...

plus u know them old folks need that Vincente Fernandez

elgringocolombiano said...

yo Julio Iglesias fockin sucks.

El General, I wanted to include, but all I have is his greatest hits compilation. Jicamarca's rules are you can't include comps, unless they don't have a studio album.

You should vote Belize

BELIZE said...

Yo..i was just gonna vote..but my spanish aint up to par, felt like I walked into a room with pie on my

Julio is legend..all the shorties (mostly old tho) go nutz when he performs

heres that Enrique:

str8 up..just give a shorty his lurics for por amarte and she'll probably rape


here's that el general:

Anonymous said...

Bien hecho, huevón. Tan interesante ver que la mayoría de estos albumes vienen de mi colleción personal de CDs que tu has pirateado através de los años.