Sunday, September 2, 2007

Gravy Bread - mp3 blog directory

This site Gravy Bread is a directory of many MP3 blogs, of all types of genres.

Gravy Bread also intellectually ethers the RIAA. If the RIAA has a soul, it's burning slow!


We agree to the following:

No one visiting the links featured via Mega Super Mammoth has at any time downloaded any music owned by the RIAA-affiliated music industry companies.

If you can believe that, then we in return pledge to believe that the RIAA-affiliated companies have never illegally or unethically paid payola to radio disc jockeys, engaged in monopolistic practices, screwed countless artists out of royalties (including and especially black blues artists), cooked their books with creative accounting to rook artists and avoid taxes, or engaged in any of the other sleaze-bag practices that the RIAA-affiliated companies have been found guilty of in the past or are continually accused of by the artists they claim to be protecting.

No, we will continue to dutifully buy the overpriced, spyware-infected product of the RIAA-affiliated companies so that our favorite Hollywood music tycoons will have the war chest they need to continue filing scattershot extortion lawsuits against defenseless, penniless children and grandmas they randomly find in the phone book and so that they can celebrate by tooling around LA in their Bentleys snorting coke. After all, we would not want to deprive them of that.

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BELIZE said...

Fuk these cats, u read what happend to primo?