Friday, August 31, 2007

Down Goes Larry Craig

Extreme [||] on this drop's title! Crooksandliars says Craig will resign


Truth Hunter said...

Your comment gave me an idea for a quick post... thanks. Craig will be history by the end of the month! :>)

BELIZE said...

Fuk this poltical version of Lil Wayne..then he gonna say its a conspiracy..yeah, trying to be George Micheals in 2007 is a real conspiracy

BELIZE said...

While im on Lil Wayne [||]...what u think is better?

Lil Wayne is the Lloyd (from entourage) of the rap game..cuz he's amusing and entertaing..even though he's homo


Lil Wayne is the Elton John of Rap?

Hmmmmm...input [||] please

elgringocolombiano said...

@ Belize,

I don't have beef with the gay community. If I had a gay daughter or cousin or something, I'd want him/her to have the same civil rights as everyone else. Example: medical benefits covers the spouse via civil union, etc.

My beef [||] is with ReThuglican self-hating closeted gays like Larry Craig. They pass laws restricting the civil rights of gays. They win elections by appealing to hateful feelings of part of their voting base, by slandering gays.

Then, ironically it turns out, they are themselves gay. Or, in the case of Dick [||] Cheney, has a gay daughter. It's OK for Cheney to restrict regular gays' civil rights, but his daughter gets full civil rights. WTF?!

My beef [||] with Little Wayne is that he claims greatest rapper even though he's mediocre rapper, & has a horrible annoying voice.

Elton John >>> Little Wayne. Elton John is actually good at being a vocalist & having a long 30-yr career. 2 things Weezy Fa-go Baby will never do.

BELIZE said...

I have no beef with faggits either...i just dont like weezy cuz he tried and still is trying to keep it hidden and he didnt justify it

For the record, I fukcs with elton John [||]...candle in the wind all day baby [||]