Friday, August 31, 2007

Kanye West 2007 Graduation is subject to over-reaction reviews

UPDATE with examples of extreme stannery & haterism on display:

Stannery examples
1 "possibly best album since 1997". WTF?! It ain't even the best Kanye album, which came out in 2004. Dallas, don't take it personal (c) Gang Starr, we agree to disagree here.

Haterism examples
1 the hate is so exaggeratory here, it's hilarious

Kanye West - Graduation

1970s hip hop culture: "let the poppers pop, & the breakers break"

2000s internets hip hop culture: "let the stanners stan, & the haters hate"

Kanye West's Graduation seems to be following the reaction of Common's Finding Forever. People over-reacting & saying the album is ass or classic. Too hyperbolic either way IMHO.

It seems that blogger music reviewers are taking their cues from the "shock-posting" steez of folks like mAnn Coulter or Howard Stern. In other words, make exaggerating or shocking statements in order to increase ratings.

SMH at the haters saying Kanye’s rapping sucks. Kanye actually improved since 2004, & Kanye was never a top tier rapper ala Black Thought/Chino XL. These same haters loved College Dropout though. Consistency/logic, not part of haterism.

Here's my review @ RYM.


BELIZE said...

I think its Kayne's Blueprint. Is it his best album? No, but close (a jay verse would have helped). Is it a classic..I believe that it it will be later on (c) It was written.

Dallas said...

I can always agree to disagree, but I think you forgot to list a third group of album reviewers. Those people that are sitting on the fence because their afraid to say that this disk is a great album.

You say that KW is good at conveying emotion. You give him credit for his soul filled approach to music. Why can't you admit that this album is what Hip-Hop has needed for years?

The album is fucking church and I better not see you bigging this shit up in 2008 like all the other bandwagon ass niggas when the grammys come out.

That would be Q1 of the 2008 cMFL for those of you scoring at home.

elgringocolombiano said...

Yeah I said Graduation is very good, just not the best KW album, or the best album in 10 years.

It's soulful & conveys emotion, but other albums do that AND have better beats in the last few yrs incl

Kanye West 2004 College Dropout
Foreign Exchange 2004 Connected
Leroy Smokes 2006 Love Hustle Theater
Blue Scholars 2007 Bayani

If Graduation happens to be the best album out of those nominated for a Grammy, how is it hypocritical or bandwaggon-ish if I "cheer" for it. I mean Graduation is certainly might be better than albums that might get nominated such as TI, 50 Cent, R Kelly, Dixie Chicks, Ludacris, etc.

btw Did you see that hater's review I linked? So overboard on the hate I had to laugh.

Dallas said...

I thought that dude diction was your homey? Tell him to change the teh ghey screen name to something even teh gheyer like Dictaster.

[ll] of course.

BELIZE said...

>Yeah I said Graduation is very good, just not the best KW album, or the best album in 10 years.

Top 3 album (if not 2) of 2007

elgringocolombiano said...


elgringocolombiano said...


Diction is an insightful dude, dude is a rap historian, he listens to so many albums. I often disagree with him, but that doesn't mean I have "beef" with him. [||]

elgringocolombiano said...

@ Belize,

check my 2007 list

For non-instrumental rap albums, I got Graduation at #8

If I only count major label rap albums, Graduation at #2, only trailing Common "Finding Forever".

Damn, I can kind of understand people bigging up Graduation so much now, given that most people don't fock with non-major label ablums.

Understanding the haterism though? "Not so much" (c) Internets Celebrities

BELIZE said...

Have you heard that Collie Budz Cd? If not lemme know and Ill forward it to of the bright spots this year

Fuxie said...

I agree Graduation def dope but still
College Dropout > graduation

I cant even begin to describe how hype I was when I heard College Dropout, it was like dude bottled up my life and spit it on wax. Plus Kanye used to be really funny and now he has chilled on that, not that there is anything wrong with that.