Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hypocritical self-hating gay ReThuglican #4080 = Sen. Lary Craig

Damn, it seems that at least once per month, another hypocritical, closeted, self-hating, gay republican gets busted for gay prostitution.

Sen. Larry Craig from Idaho, propositioned an undercover policeman for sex, in the frickin MSP AIRPORT of all places! Geez, not only is Craig hypocrite who legislates against civil rights for gays while he is himself gay. In addition add dee dee dee to this douchebag Craig. The MSP airport is a very public building, & there are many news-junkies walking through the airport who might recognize who Craig is. At least that Bob Allen clown chose a more secluded generic public park restroom.

Expect the lame MSM to ignore the epic hypocrisy here. Thankfully we have some great bloggers to provide insight for us.

Truth Hunter has some interesting Craig quotes here

Cenk ethers Craig here.

No Larry Craig, eg [||], on this entire post.


BELIZE said...

Yeah heard bout this..now he says hes not gay


Truth Hunter said...

My guess is we'll soon be rid of Wide Stance.... good riddance.

And, thanks for the heads up on the headline.... it took me a while, and then.... oops. I changed it.