Thursday, August 9, 2007

FL State Rep Bob Allen = epic self-etherer

Bob Allen, a FL State house representative, & FL chair of John McCain's presidential campaign, did the following. Truth is stranger than fiction.

1 Allen solicited to fellate man in a Florida park public restroom, AND pay him $20. Where do I start with Allen's self-etherings?!

1a Allen's hypocrisy of being a closeted self-hating gay, despite as a lawmaker supporting legislation which is against gay rights. I'm sure Allen's wife is furious to learn she might have a risk of an STD from Allen's "down low" gay activities.

1b asking a random dude in a restroom for a sex act. WTF I believe there may be some bars or other establishments that might be better for that activity, than a public restroom.

1c paying someone to fellate THEM. It never occurred to me someone would pay for oral sex, unless they were the RECIPIENT.

As if that wasn't sufficient self-etherings, it gets worse. The dude in the park bathroom was an black man & undercover police officer. So Allen was arrested for prostitution.

2 Allen's justification & official explanation = Allen said he "was afraid that there was several brolic/tough black dudes in the park" & "he was about to be a statistic", meaning a victim of crime.
So any brolic black dude is automatically a criminal who will assault/rob/kill you? Damn, Allen is not only a hypocrite closeted self-hating gay, Allen also is KKKramer-style extreme RACIST!


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