Thursday, March 22, 2007

blogger Billy Sunday ethers Little Wayne

XXL blogger Billy Sunday deconstructs MC Lil Wayne in this post.

Due to reading a good online review, I listened to Wayne's 2005 album Carter 2. I found it very mediocre, I give it a 2/5 rating. The beats were mediocre. Wayne's rapping was OK at best. The guy has a high-pitched annoying voice. The flow is good, but not top-tier. The subject matter is extremely boring, brag & drug-kingpin raps. Not that it matters, but it's impossible that Wayne has any credibility as a drug mafioso since dude was like 15 when he was "adopted" by his "father" "Baby" aka "Birdman", who immediately pimped him as a rapper. Wayne surely must have improved since when he was started at 15, I don't know since I never listened to any of his other stuff. However, Wayne is not a top-tier MC.

All of this in & of itself would fine. The problem is these annoying following points of world-class douchery from "Weezy":

1 He claims ad nauseum, "talking point" style, to be the "best rapper alive", when he's nowhere close. If arrogant dudes whose competence was mediocre did this in other fields, you might see Stephon Marbury claiming to be the world's best basketball player, or Keanu Reeves claiming to be the best actor.

2 He claims to be born in 1982, when per Sunday, he got busted for possessing drugs in ATL, his online police report showed 1979. Oops!

3 He keeps claiming superiority over other MCs, such as Jay-Z or Clipse, only to flip-flop & backpedal when those top-tier MCs verbally confront Layme.

4 He has a legion of stans that parrot his ridic talking point, Rush Limbaugh dittohead style.

5 His stans have come to put Little Layme as representing "The South" or "80s babies". They then fall to the association fallacy claiming that criticizing Weezy equals "hating" on the South & all folks born in the 1980s. Of course, the last point is ironic as the Layme was actually born in 1979.

These Layme doucheries invoke a need for a public Schiavoing, which Sunday provides.

BTW, I'd love to see an actual top-tier MC, such as Black Thought, Chino XL, The Game, Phonte, Termanology, any of 50 other good MCs, etc "battle" Layme in a TV freestyle battle for charity. The Schiavoing would be epic.

Extreme no Weezy Fa-go Baby disclaimer, & no WWE false "beef" disclaimer, on this whole post.


Billy X. Sunday said...

Yean mayne, we gon' take it to these Wayne stans once and for all

BELIZE said...

Lil Wayne is the Jermaine Oneal of the Game

I Fux said...

Ya I dont think he is quite that bad I actually find him entertaining at times, its the constant braggadocio that makes me think he is loco and mediocre but he can spit at times ...............