Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Foreign Exchange, meet Foreign Exchange


Foreign Exchange (FE1) is an excellent rap duo, composed of IMHO the best rapper of 2007 Phonte, & a great innovative Dutch producer named Nicolay.

Foreign Exchange released IMHO the best album of 2004, Connected (possibly tied with Kanye West's The College Dropout.

Just now I randomly see on Link TV, that Fareed Zakaria has bitten Phonte & Nicolay's name, to have a 30-minute international news/commentary show, also called Foreign Exchange (FE2) It's similar, yet superior to Nightline.

So I just suggested on Zakaria's FE2 website, to consider using FE1's track "Brave New World" as their show intro. Phonte's lyrics are highly relevant to FE2's subject matter, however it would work for FE2 whether they used the instrumental or regular version of the song.

Hey it seems only right if FE2 is gonna jack FE1's name, they should play a FE1 song, right?

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