Wednesday, September 3, 2008

St Paul police shyt on protestors incl Democracy Now

Greenwald covers this story, that apparently LameStream Media like CNN is ignoring.

Looks like Los Puercos are shyting on 1st & 4th Amendment rights of US citizens. Fock is the US turned into China now, WTF?!

I personally want Obama & McSame to be asked about this. And if they are asked about this fiasco, they better "denounce & reject".

Disgusting. "I thought this was America"

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Truth Hunter said...

The MSM is becoming pathetic... check my blog today for what they say about Palin when they think they aren't being recorded as happened to NBC's Chuck Todd, and GOP spinners Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy yesterday.

This WAS America... we're devolving into a second-rate democracy with a third-world economy.