Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why can't the pundits be more frank on camera?

So check out this tail end of a segment on MSNBC. I should state that over the last few days, I've closely observed the pundits on this channel right here in my hometown, St. Paul, where the Rethugs have taken over the city and the feds, state troopers, city cops from around the region (and country) have turned the place into a police state. But I digress...

Chuck Todd of MSNBC, who I somewhat respect for the analytical skills he brings, was moderating the segment. On as panel guests were Mike Murphy, former McCain advisor and genuine Republican strategist/analyst, and Peggy Noonan, a conservative prima donna that is really fokking annoying. Anyway, Chuck wraps up the segment and lo and behold, somebody in production screws up and decides to leave the mic on and camera recording, right there in the middle of Rice Park (where the crowd consisted of a large number of left of center folks ( - represent St. Paul!). They proceed to detail, without any equivocation, how McCain has royally f*kked himself with the Palin choice.

Why can't we get the real, "gut" level analysis from these pundit types? Or even better yet, get rid of the Noonans, Murphys, Carvilles, and Begalas on these political analysis shows? It's like these so-called "analysts" have such strong ties (and a stake) in the outcome of the election of the day that they can't get themselves to be frank on camera.

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