Saturday, April 21, 2007

Federer v Nadal, Vol 10 & Fed Cup BEL@USA

This is a great wkd for pro tennis, if you have the Tennis Channel.

The Greatest Sportsman of The Decade (Federer) is playing his nemesis Rafael Nadal in the Monte Carlo Final on clay. This is Volume 10 of their rivalry. Rafa is actually sonning Fed, 6-3 overall & 4-0 on clay. Rafa actually has a ridic 60-something match-win streak on clay, he hasn't lost in 2 years! These Fed-Nad matches have historical importance because:

1 Fed will have to win Roland Garros (the only clay grand slam) to ever be considered as a consensus GOAT. Sampras never won RG and hence some say he can't be the GOAT, despite winning a record 14 GS titles

2 If Fed ends up having a losing record to his main rival in own era, many will say he's not the GOAT. In other words (no Gee Dubbz), how can Fed be the "greatest of all time" if he gets sonned by "a good player of his own time".

I'm rooting for Fed, but Rafa "The Raging Bull" is too tough right now on clay. I pick Rafa in the final/3rd set.

Fed Cup QFs are also this weekend. Fed Cup is the woman's version of Davis Cup, or the woman tennis' version of the World Cup.

USA is at home v Belgium in Delray Beach, FL. BEL has 2 top players in Justine Henin & Kim Clijsters, but they lamed out & chose not to play. Thus BEL is fielding a gaggle of spares not even in the Top100 in singles or doubles, that should get thoroughly daughtered by the USA. USA has the Williams sisters, doubles veteran Lisa Raymond, & the teenage Vania King. Prolly Williams will play the singles matches, & Raymond/King playing the doubles.

I predict utter Schiavoage here, 5-nil for the USA!

PS, I predict at least 1 random comment to this post here along the lines of "wow Serena, I'd hit that"

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