Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lamestream Media was wrong - Latinos voted for Obama

Recall the moronic Lamestream Media talking point that Latinos wouldn't vote for Obama out of anti-black racism?

Recall Dallas was co-signing this nonsense talking point?

This point struck me as nonsense, since countries in Latin America have often elected non-whites & women: blacks (Venezuela - Chavez), Native American (Bolivia - Morales), women (Chile - Bachelet), east Asian (Peru - Fujimori, even the hated-on-in-the US-Muslim arabs (Argentina - Menem & El Salvador - Saca).

When Obama says "the US is the only country where a black guy with the name Obama could be elected President", I have to laugh. A dude like Obama could've done it in many of these Latin American countries in the 1970s or earlier. The USA is world-class in democracy in some attributes, but in this attribute, the USA has fockin sucked. Even the Irish Catholic JF Kennedy was considered too non-white by many US voters in the 1960s, & barely won that election, WTF?!

Check the CNN article. Your boy EGC was 100% correct on this one.

Latino vote Scoreboard: Obama 67 v McCain 31. That's right, Obama is more than straight doubling [||] McCain among Latinos.

I'll wait until Neveruary 31, 4080 for the Lamestram Media to apologize, & denounce & reject themselves, for this nonsense "Latinos won't vote for blacks" talking point.

Go Obama!

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