Tuesday, October 30, 2007

question: rapid play setting on media player apps

I got a question on rapid play settings on media player type apps. I sent the text out below to the Lifehacker editor.

Pls hit up the comments if you can answer my questions or have insight on this:

I have a basic question on media players. Sorry to trouble you, but I think it's 1 that is very common & relevant to your readership, so I figure you might be interested in the question.

I enjoy using the "Play Speed Settings" in Windows Media Player (WMV). I found for podcast/speech/talkshow audio mp3s, I can save time by playing the mp3 at 1.4x speed.

However I hate WMP. WMP sometimes crashes or has other problems.

1 Does foobar, VLC or any other player have this "rapid play speed setting" for mp3s?

2 same question for video files, specifically .wmv & .dvr-ms. For instance, I use Windows Media Center to record the Daily Show, this way I can replay it later & skip commercials. It would be even better if I could play that Daily Show .dvr-ms file at 1.4x.

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