Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hiway Credit Union

a friend/existing customer highly recommended Hiway Credit Union, as a great bank for personal finance use. Dude said their rates are dece, the service is dece, & it's reassuring that one can go in & talk to a real manager at the branch.

After all the fraud in 2008-9 Banking Crisis, imho I feel like investigating Credit Unions more.

1 thing I worry about is if Credit Unions enjoy FDIC protection, or if they have an alternate protection, is it dece enough. Hit up the comments if u have a take on this issue.


Anonymous said...

I and the friend dude who has banks at Hiway... it is indeed dece. As far as FDIC insurance converage for a credit union it is call the NCUA which is like the FDIC for credit unions. FYI GOAT WOAT IMHO BTW LOL

Rap Music said...

I am fine with my bank =)