Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eric Draitser Stop Imperialism podcast

Eric Draitser is a NY schoolteacher, that is a quality amateur commentator on global geopolitics and oligarchy. Draitser is now making a weekly podcast , & also messages on twitter: stopimperialism

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, the podcast is extremely good, keep it up! I listen to Tarpley's World Crisis Radio every week and heard you on there so I had a listen to your podacast on i tunes. You give him a run for his money.

If I'm at ends with Tarpley on anying it would be drug laws. He is pretty vehement that drugs should stay illegal, I have to disagree, Portugal and Holland have decriminalised drugs and use has gone goes DOWN not up comapared to other European countries. Plus all the the money that could be saved, taxes that could be levied and criminal gangs that could be put out of business if drugs were legalised. I think the only reasons they're illegal is because intelligence agencies use drug smuggling money to fund their covert operations and so much drug money is laundered through banks and corporations. I think as a younger less restricted by GNC commentator you might be able to tackle this issue, I'm sure it would be popular.

Good luck from Yorkshire, England.