Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sen. Chris Dodd murks Bill O'Reilly

I heard an audiotape for a few hours of a O'Reilly book a while ago. It wasn't by choice, I was in a roadtrip with some friends. O'Reilly actually had some good points & examples on how no one except your family (not even then at times) is looking out for your best interests. Of course, this is also common sense knowledge, probably referenced in ancient Greek documents, but that's besides the point.

Although O'Reilly made some good points, the dude is a hypocrite in that he's NOT looking out for the public's interest, in fact he's as bad as nearly anyone in the media.

O'Reilly's latest crusade is against democratic/progressive politics blog Daily Kos. This blog, like many blogs, allows comments.

O'Reilly is stating
1 some specific examples of shocking statements or photos made by commenters
2 saying that the Daily Kos is a hate site

This is so intellectually dishonest, that I now reject O'Reilly fully & will assume he's an evil man, propagandist, trying to trick people, not help them. O'Reilly is extremely insulting to his audience for making a statement, that anyone familiar with the blog comments knows is bogus.

The closest analogy I can think of, is that if a newspaper like the Mpls Star Tribune was a "hate site", if a KKKer wrote a letter to editor advocating the murder of Blacks.

I also heard on The Young Turks, that O'Reilly's audience has an average age of 71. It's quite possible that his audience is not internet-savvy enough to understand O'Reilly's trick about equating random anonymous commenters with actual blog owners/writers.

Sen. Chris Dodd murks Bill O'Reilly "on his own shit" (c) Nas describing Eminem's superior verse to Jay-Z's, on the latter's album.

There is 1 extremely ironic & hypocritical moment, where O'Reilly calls Dodd a "propagandist"! Ha! Holy hypocrisy & douchebaggery!

Dodd ethers O'Reilly when citing an Indiana university study saying that O'Reilly makes derogatory comments on individuals every 7 seconds.

I now put O'Reilly as the 3rd worst American media right-wingnut douchebags behind mAnn Coulter & Michael Weiner "Savage". O'Reilly isn't advocating genocide of arabs & muslims like these Top2 wingnuts are, so he's not quite as horrible as them.

Check Dodd's sonning of O'Lie-ly


Truth Hunter said...

Your last two post have been very insightful.

The "asses of evil" you name, Coulter, Savage and O'Reilly, have played a large role in the coarsening of our political discourse.

I believe Savage may actually be the worst, many times actually sounding deranged.

elgringocolombiano said...

Sup TH,

I like your name for these right-wingnut douches, "the asses of evil"!

I heard a clip once where Weiner "Savage" said "there's 1B muslims, so we should kill 100M of them". mAnn Coulter said "we should bomb muslim countries, kill their leaders, & force them to convert to Christianity".

That's why to me, these are the 2 genuinely most racist, evil people in American media. The fact that Imus got fired & these 2 don't is crazy.

Anonymous said...

Dodd did excellent on this. He kept his cool, and kept going back to his point. Dems often don't do that - they most often engage a point made by a douchebag righty, thereby reinforcing the conservative "framing" of the issue being discussed, instead of refocusing the discussion by reframing it from a progressive worldview.

Also gotta love how Dodd makes a point, and then immediately says, "" E.g. "Listen, here. You object to the ideology of the site, not the images, here..."

(c) G-Man for noticing this habit.