Friday, August 3, 2007

Scott Horton - libertarian with good podcast interviews

I stumbled upon this guy Scott Horton. I listened to a few mp3 podcast interviews he has, which you can cop here. Horton is 31 yr old libertarian in Austin, TX, where he has a local radio show. Horton has good interviews with experts in different fields. Horton's interviewees give a perspective you don't hear in the MSM. I'm not a libertarian, but I enjoyed the mp3s I listened to. Horton will blast both the ReThugs & the Dems for their failures, which is nice. The only downside to Horton, is that dude is a Ron Paul-stan. I don't have any beef with Paul per se, but Horton's stannery is excessive, to the point where he'll throw in a Paul 08 non-sequitir every 20 minutes or so. But I can live with this stannery, since his interviewees are insightful. Give Horton a listen.

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