Sunday, July 29, 2007

Best of 2007H1 for rap albums

FYI - some blogs have published their lists of the best rap albums of the the 1st half of 2007.

Of course, I have a running list at RYM for 2007 albums of all genres (no only rap, but mainly rap), so I'll link to that as well.

El Gringo Colombiano RYM list
Byron Crawford
Straight Bangin
When They Reminisce

Here's some of the other RYMers' similar 2007 lists. Note these may be updated at any time with additional albums listened to.
Diction (possibly the most thorough rap listener on or off the internets)

If you have a similar list, or know of a good one, tell me about it in the comments.

If you want to preview anything you read about on one of these lists, you're in luck. Apparently HHB has died, but these dudes are really thorough.

Here's some key points from my list:
#3 album: Blue Scholars are the "rookies of the year" so far. I propped their album Bayani here, but other smart cats on the internets are confirming my view, so you know this is not a simple case of stannery!

#2 There are a lot of Common haters (yes pun intended) on the internets. Don't believe the hate, Finding Forever is excellent!

#1 LB's legally free mixtape is still the #1 album of the year! Even mixtape guru Belize propped it! Cop that!

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BELIZE said...

I need to hear some of them cd's on ur list homie