Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars - <span class=Bayani">

The Blue Scholars is a Seattle rap duo. I just listened to their album Bayani, it's among the best of 2007 thus far, check my RYM review for more details.

For more info, here's the Blue Scholars' website, myspace, wikipedia, RYM

Props to Rap Dungeon, who mentioned this group & has a preview link. Like always, it's only for preview, buy the album if you like it, etc.


I Fux said...

Yo Gringo thats a lot of Hypebeasting, I will add that the few things that you have hyped to me have been atleast very good. Yo hit me with a link on the gmail *wink wink* No homo. I do have 5 hours to kill on my flight and Coming to America is only 2, lmao.

elgringocolombiano said...

yo dunn click that Rap Dungeon laink I listed, they have the laink. Reading is fundamental, just kidding & No Shaq!