Saturday, May 26, 2007

The argument stating "Hip-Hop is dead", IS DEAD

Check out this lame editorial by rapper Joe Budden

I am sick of dudes like Joe Budden whose full-time job is rap (MCs, producers, radio DJs, journalists, etc)
1 who say Hip Hop is Dead, radio sucks etc
without saying
2 there is dope artists & albums in the underground, that speak on a variety of perspectives & subject matters, including "positive lyrics".

Either dudes like Joe Budden
a don't even pay attention to the underground, which is hypocritical & lame. How are you going to blast others for sleeping on your underground mixtape or whatever, while OTOH ignoring other underground artists?
b are aware of dope underground artists, but don't want to mention it, out of insecurity that a few of those unknown underground cats are better than themselves, & don't want their small piece of the pie/rap industry to be sliced further, as if it's a 0-sum game

In 2007 with tons of rap preview blogspots or sites like, it's so easy to discover & preview underground albums. There are also sites like & where you can see album reviews, to select which albums one would preview.

So far just in 2007, there have been very good "studio albums" from "regular, real-rap" artists such as
Blue Scholars 2007 Bayani
Hell Razah 2007 Renaissance Child
Brother Ali 2007 The Undisputed Truth
Calle 13 2007 Residente O Visitante
El-P 2007 I'll Sleep When You're Dead

There are probably many others, but I'm just a fan who has a few hours sporadically to check out new albums, so there's no way I can keep up with it thoroughly.

For dudes like Joe Budden, RAP IS A JOB. How is it that someone like Budden knows less about new 2007 quality rap albums than I do?

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BELIZE said...

I think he was talkin about mainstream, cuz, the undergraound has been supplying heat since NWA. But I see your point to sum degree..good mainstream rap is still around, such as new cd's by Prodigy, Devin, Redman, KrsOne (kinda underground per se) and Joell Ortiz. Yet out of those, only 2 are on a major label.

What major label's need to do is get there street teams back in check and thier A&R's on point.

Or am I trippin?

BTW..Joey is just mad cuz his album keeps gettin push back-can we say Madd rapper