Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hugo Chavez Crew

Check the photo of these Latin American Presidents
El Salvador Handal
Venezuela Chavez
Cuba Castro
Bolivia Morales

As an aside, one thing that bugs me is how all US Presidents have been WASP men, with the exception of Kennedy, & big deal he was Catholic, not that much difference. All these other countries, whose democracies supposedly suck compared to the US, have minorities in their own country as presidents. Handal is a Palestinian ethnically, Chavez is a mestizo Amerindian/Black/Spanish ala Big Pun (eg the majority group in Venezuela), & Morales is an indigenous Bolivian. No "a-rab" or Native American has had any chance to be Pres in the "greatest democracy" USA yet.

Anyways, Chavez is trying to do regional economic cooperation outside of the USA control, with ALBA & Axis of Good (comedy name!).

This reminds me of that Jay-Z lyric:

"haters haters (Gee Dubbz, American MNCs aka Corporate Welfare Queens) no like
but they gotta eff with it (Chavez) cause the flow (Venezuelan oil) is so tight"

I know Chavez isn't perfect. But OTOH, I can't say Chavez' actions in Latin America could be possibly worse than Gee Dubbz, in terms of incompetence or bad intentions.

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BELIZE said...

We live in a capitalist society....therfore...socialism + oil = disaster...