Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fux News > Fox News

We all know that Fox News is bogus propaganda, a crass 4th generation WC of the Gee Dubbz crew.

OTOH, Fux News is some the illest reporting on the internets. Fux tracks down some interesting news, entertainment, beautiful woman pics, & ridic youtube videos on Fux News. Fux >>>>> Rupert Murdoch + Bill O'Reilly + Sean Hannity + Brit Hume + Neil Cavuto + Gretchen Carlson + Steve Doocy. "We Report, You Decide" just took an "L".

Fux is a reference client of my Elgringocolombiano Free Consulting TM recommendation, in this case to brand his news roundup series as Fux News. Don't sleep on my Free Consulting, no extreme arrogance.


I Fux said...

My Dude this is a huge look, no funk flex.....I havent got around to dl-ing the Pun/U2 mash but I will, as I leave to Honolulu tomorrow I need something new to bump to. Yo did Dallas send you that old school mixtape he made, if he didnt you should send him you're slow mail and he will send you one probably. Its getting harder and harder to keep up with this blogging thing I might add, I dont know how some of these people do it and hold a 9 to 5 or in my case an 8 to whenever. I will make sure I take pics and video of Hawaii since I have never been there. did you listen to the Cafe Tacuba? Anyways I will holler at you, 1hundred.

elgringocolombiano said...

yo np don't worry about "keeping up with the blogging". I'm gonna be away from blogging for several days myself. Haven't had a chance to check the Tacuba yet. I listened to some new 07 ish over the weekend, DJCC/Pun/U2 natch, as well, as Blue Scholars, Marco Polo, Polyrhythm Addicts, Stephen Marley all good "shyt"

Enjoy Hawaii. Hopefully if you're single you'll get a chance to eff with some Polynesian girl, or at least snap a few pics for your iCandy series. Peace

elgringocolombiano said...

^ rather I should say "fux" with a polynesian girl