Sunday, May 20, 2007

DJ Crazy Chris mashup: U2 & Big Punisher

Update May-21, Rattle & Pun is solid, here's my review. Give it a listen.

Here's a back album cover, which has the tracklisting. Note on the back cover that DJCC is working on blend albums for The Who/Wu-Tang Clan & Elton John/Method Man! Great & WTF!


I'm not very knowledgable of the blend (aka mashup) genre, but DJ Crazy Chris (DJCC) is the blend GOAT, IMHO.

I randomly noticed that DJCC is at it again, mashing up U2 & Big Punisher, in Rattle & Pun (dl). I guess the album title is play on words on the U2 album Rattle & Hum.

I haven't listened to it yet, but definitely will do so, since I'm a Big Pun & DJCC stan.

Note that DJCC releases all his stuff as legally free albums.

I first heard of DJCC last year when he released the excellent Phillmatic (dl), a mashup of Phil Collins & Nas. I'm a huge stan of Phil's No Jacket Required & Nas' Illmatic, so I really loved this Phillmatic album. DJCC mixed stuff from both the Phil & Nas complete oeuvres to make Phillmatic. I figured Phillmatic would've blown up on the internets, but most folks slept on it. If you've slept so far, you need to awaken from your Schiavo-like coma & listen to Phillmatic.


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Yo Gringo let me know how the pun mashup is so I can know whether to fuck with it or not

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