Friday, June 29, 2007

Copa America: a bad futbol day for us Gringos &/or Colombianos

Copa America was vicious last/Thu Jun-28 night. I haven't seen the Copa America games (rolled tape, natch), but couldn't resist peeping the score on Wikipedia.

Paraguay Schiavod, aka "le dio duro" a Colombia, 5-0

The Ches aka Gauchos aka Nuevo Italianos aka Argentina ethered, aka "hicieron una matanza", a we Gringos aka Estadounidenses aka 'Mericans 4-1

2 Words (no Kanye/Mos/Freeway song): Damn, son!

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I Fux said...

Word I watched us Gringo's get smashed by them Dirty Playing Greasy Argentino's(sike they are damn good futboleros) sheeesh....