Friday, June 29, 2007

Free futbol on the internets for FIFA U-20 World Cup

Attention futbol stans: You can watch the "future stars" of futbol at the FIFA U-20 World Cup, which runs from Jun-30 to Jul-22. Only Canadians cannot participate, although there are not very many futbol stans in Canada anyways. All 52 games will be webcast.

I'm by no means a futbol stan, I am more of an occassional fan. I only get hyped for big events like the real World Cup & Copa America. I won't watch any of these U-20 games.

However, I like this new trend of free & legal internets broadcast of sports. I hope that more sports get broadcast over the internet this way. Especially in the next Olympics, perhaps they could broadcast at least the sports that get little or no love/airtime on TV coverage.

As of 2007, hi-speed internet >>>> cable/satellite TV + desktop phone line.

The computer is morphing into a device which can DoItAll, word to the LOTUG spastic MC.

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