Thursday, June 28, 2007

John Edward's wife sons mAnn Coulter

Shout out to Rosenberg for this story. John Edward's wife Elizabeth called into the Hardball show to politely ask mAnn Coulter to stop making personal ad hominem attacks on John. Elizabeth was extremely classy & polite, offered to debate mAnn, but just stop the personal attacks.

mAnn Coulter mistook this request as "requesting me to stop writing/speaking".

I say that in this statement, mAnn daughtered, er sonned, himself. mAnn indirectly admitted that 100% of her "work product" is ad hominem attacks, as opposed to civil, insightful discourse on policies. If mAnn were to stop ad hominem attacks, she'd have nothing more to say.

This was a masterful intellectual sonning from Elizabeth, as she got mAnn to ether himself in a spectacular self-ethering.

Why does the MSM give this hateful/bigoted/racist dude mAnn Coulter any air time? mAnn is 1000X worse than Imus, & poor Imus got fired for his comments.

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