Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wes Clark Jr on the Young Turks

IMHO The Young Turks are the best politics & news talk radio show, perhaps tied with Thom Hartmann.

The last few days the excellent Cenk Uyger along with the lame, stuttering Ben Mankiewicz are on vacation. Uyger is so good that he makes the lame Mankiewicz tolerable.

However TYT's B team is as good or better than the actual A team, as impossible as it seems!

Wes Clark Jr, the son of 2004 Pres candidate & Army general Wes Clark, is an EXCELLENT politics/news talk radio host. Clark is very insightful on both current events & history. Clark is a realist, & is not partisan. Although he is more Democratic politically, he will Schiavo any politician including Democrats. I like his quote "all you can measure a politician by is their actions, not what they say". Clark really seems to have a long-term view on issues as well. Clark seems to be as wise as a 60-year old, even though he's only approx 37 yo.

The other cohost on the B team, Michael Shure, is also good. Shure is very knowledgeable about politics, & could prolly name you the entire US Sen & House members from memory.

Basically Clark is slightly better than the excellent Uyger, & Shure is way better than Mankiewicz.

Honestly I wish Uyger would fire Mankiewicz & hire Clark, or even Shure, to replace him.

Anyways, TYT has posted some Clark/Shure shows on their website, as pure mp3s without commercials. Download a segment & check Clark, dude is the truth & a stand-up individual.


Truth Hunter said...

elgringocolombiano... Thanks for putting me onto the Turks site and Clark, Jr..... after the Senate immigration debates I plan to listen.

I like Clark, Sr.... don't imagine his son would be a dummy.

Anonymous said...

Big-ups on subs Clark Jr. and Shure, but Gringocolombiano is playerhating on Mankiewicz 'cause he likes to diss tennis and GC [hearts] tennis.


elgringocolombiano said...

@ "anonymous"

I never recall Ben dissing tennis, although I do recall he dissed futbol. This douche cries when Cenk says baseball is boring.

But I have no issue with Ben on that. The problem with Ben is that he is generic, doesn't have much original, interesting opinion, & often stutters. Bottom line Ben sucks (pause)