Thursday, March 29, 2007

sketch - Immigration The Human Cost

Immigration: The Human Cost

This sketch is a parody of Faux News, it's comedy. The ironic thing is top-level corporate "CXO" type douches & other elite Americans never lose jobs to immigrants. If they did, you would see the labor laws change to protect Average Joe & Jane Americans.

Kinda analogous to saying "that if men could get pregnant, the legal abortion would not be an issue".

This happens in "white collar" professional jobs as well. Corporate America is down to outsource the 70K engineer, accountant, radiologist, etc to "India Inc" where they make 15K or whatever for the same job.

But how come the 800K CXO douche doesn't get outsourced to India as well? I'm sure some dudes in India will be happy to be a CXO for 50K and no stock options.

Some American corporate CXOs are extremely talented & are workaholics. I don't know if they deserve to make 10X+ the regular corporate brains "that are actually doing the work". But maybe these actually talented CXOs should get 3X or something the average corporate Joe.

However, some CXOs are true douches whose main talent is corporate politics, not ACTUAL REAL WORK. Reference Dick Cheney & Don Rumsfeld, both former American CEOs, now proven to be bonafide incompetent douches in their tenure with Gee Dubbz.

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