Monday, March 26, 2007

TerrorStorm review

TerrorStorm is a documentary by Alex Jones.

review: 2/5

The theme is that throughout history & now, many governments including the US & UK, have executed "false flag" terror attacks in order to spark fear in the public, who then concede many of their rights to the government.

There is some interesting evidence about the 9/11 US attacks & 7/7 UK attacks.

However, the execution of the documentary sucks, especially the amateur graphics. The documentary wanders from topic to topic seemingly randomly, and alternates between description of events that have happened and interviews. Some of the interviews are of former high ranking government officials, including one from the CIA.

There must be a much better documentary that covers the same subject matter, in a more professional, clearer way.

Of course, if even a small fraction of the allegations are true, well that is extremely focked up, & Gee Dubbz is even worse than he already appears to be.

No Alberto Gonzalez & Gee Dubbz Bush warrantlessly wiretapping me for writing this blog post, just in case

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